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Sunday, 17 March 2019

Avoid Diseases - When and How to Eat Diet to Avoid Diseases

Avoid Diseases - When and How to Eat Diet to Avoid Diseases


If there is any disease, then its origin is due to its eating. If we make some changes in eating habits then there are many diseases to avoid. Treatment of any disease - treatment - it is better to stop the disease from coming on. Make your body the only tool to fight diseases. And it is important to avoid eating it every day.

Why does the body become diseased? Why do we eat anything? Why do we eat anytime? Why we do not fully understand this. This article has some dieting tips for you. With which you can prevent many Disease from coming in your daily Changes in eating. avoid diseases Tips. On the one hand, taking a proper diet leads to body preservation and enhancement, on the other hand, from the wrong and uncontrolled diet, the body becomes diseased. Diet is pure, satvic life should be saturated, it is said that in a fair amount it is said that proper quantity and environment friendly food food The person who is doing may be healthy.

When and how much food should be eaten 

 Dieting Tips from diseases Tips Hindi

- It is called beneficial to eat your food friendly nature. A person should know his nature and take his favorable food item. According to the season, food should be selected according to the season.
 - In the summer period, the intake of heat-intensive foods should be minimized and at least in the winter days should be taken care of in the cold nature of the food carefully or not, in the rainy season, such as heavy fried substances, Do not eat.
- Make sure to have meal time fixed on schedule or hunger.
- Do not eat food even when there is no appetite, but on an appointed time, you are hungry. 
- As far as possible, take 1 hour after sunset and take two to three hours before sleeping, then it is healthy. Late eating is harmful to the body and the enormous microbes increase in the environment Going into the body with food, make us patient .
- It is beneficial to take germinated grains, salads, fruits, vegetables and fruit juice, soup, saas etc. in breakfast.
 - Use green vegetables salad or curd and raw sprouts and fibrous substances in the diet in excess quantities.
- Food is pure , which makes our body healthy, light fresh, and makes the mind peaceful and joyful. There is a saying like that Eat food is like this mind, this saying is absolutely true. This is the best avoid diseases tips.

Diet and Mind: 

- Diet has the greatest effect on our mind. Green vegetables, fruit milk, yogurt etc. in  material come, but when the oil pepper spices are added in these ingredients, or if they are used after having more time, it is only silver. Tamas is called food and when primary substances are made with impure mouth, it will also call it impure substance, hence the body of the person's place of food. We should take full care of purity only then we will have complete health. 
- Grinding food more, frying by roasting destroys its natural nutritional properties.
 - In relation to the quantity of our food, our scripture states that we should take 1/2 of our Ashtashasti for 1/4 of water and the remaining 1/4 portion should be used in the day meal for the movement of air.
- Avoid For diseases, take 1/4 part of the food in the night meal and take 1/4 part water and leave empty for 1/2 air. 
- Make the food lightly fertile; chew it properly and chew it; Do not invite the tooth from the intestine to the Disease.
- Fasting one day a week for the digestive system to relax.
 - Sabudana, potatoes, chips, papad, fried foods in fasting Taking self is similar to torture.
 - We can always take suitable substances like lemonade, saab, curd, fruits, carrots, tomatoes, juice etc. in the fast as much as you can. Fasting benefit.
- Dining in the sun tone and plenty of Pay substance lunar tone.
- From resisting diet to avoid diseases does not always sour substance with child admission ways milk. Do not mix fruits with milk, do not take milk and fish simultaneously, take onion and curd do not cause it to cause disorders in the body. 
- Always avoid substance abuse; Addicted to tobacco cigarettes as soon as it becomes as soon as it becomes possible; There are several ways to leave it.

 How and when to eat:

 - Always remember that between two meals must be between 7 to 8 hours. Keep
 - In today's times we do many things like reading a TV newspaper while eating but it is also bad for our body, leaving it always follow the silence while eating. Take your full attention in the food. Sing 
- love food and peace with peace and happiness. Drink 1 hour of food and drink water after 2 hours. 
- Drink water after 2 hours of food
- But do not drink water at meal time if there is no fluid in the food, it is good to drink buttermilk after a little yellow food 
- in the morning, To get rid of water, it helps to get rid of diseases
- If the digestion is not right and constipation it should drink lukewarm water in the morning 
- Should not take salt over the pickle with food. The causes acid, blood is contaminated, and bp increases - standing is out with water, milk, juice, etc. Do not drink or protein our body Mutr. 

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