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Thursday, 11 October 2018

What is Pen Killer Damage to Pain Killer

What is Pen Killer Damage to Pain Killer

Everyone in today's time wants to be healthy. But sometimes we face such problems. Sometimes we have pain in our head or many times our hands get hurt in the foot, that is, when pain or pain occurs on some part of our body, Take medicines, which gives us relief for some time. But sometimes it happens to us too. When the effect of that pen killer is over. So our head hurts, which part of our body hurts. It starts to happen again and we again use the pen killer again. But do you know Which pen killer we use. This can end both our mind and our life. It is dangerous for both our brains and our lives. Any pen killer reduces our life, whatever it is, it destroys both our brain and our life.
And some people use it as a drunken man in today's time. And they have got used to taking pen killer. And they take pen killer for a while and when its effect is over. Then take pen killer again. And if the pen killer pours too much on the minds of such people, then today we will tell you in this post that what is the harm from taking the pen killer and how can we avoid the pen killer Whenever there is pain in our stomach head or any other part of the body then we take the pen killer and when we take the pen killer medicine, we have some time to realize that our pain has been corrected by pain killer medicines. . But it never happens, it is absolutely wrong because when we take pen killer medicine. So with those medicines only for a certain time, our pain is fine and it does not get well. These medicines do not allow us to experience that pain. Because they have such an addiction. And when its effect is over, we have to take these medicines again.
Many times when our head hurts. So we take Dispirin. Or pain somewhere else.If any other painkiller is taken medicines then our pain gets cured and sometimes in which part of our body is so much pain. For that, we take two or three pen killers together. Or we take a pen killer of heavy dosages so that we can get relief immediately. But if we make a few mistakes, then this painkiller pills or medicines can put both our brains and our lives in danger.
Side effects of pen killer
Disadvantages of Pain Killer: Now we tell you that if you take three colors consecutively. So what are the disadvantages to you? How can you have trouble? So if you want to tell all these difficulties. And want to save your mind and your life. So you try to avoid these side effects. And as far as the possible use of pen killer, see
1. If you continue to use pen-killer medicines then you have more chances of ending your kidneys and liver.
2. If you use more pen killer then decrease of fitness, constipation, blood pressure. You may have to face all these difficulties.
3. If a person uses more painkiller, then the problem of stomach pain is very high.
4. Painkiller medicines: Straining in the muscles can cause depression and liver problems. And if a person uses empty stomach pain killer in the morning, then 100 percent chances of having difficulty in the liver and stomach.
5. And if any pregnant women use pen-killer medicines more. Then there may be a problem of having an abortion during that time.
6. Use of Medicines This Anesthesia Anemia in the person increases the problem of Nirandra fatigue.
7. And many pen-killer medicines are such that can cause asthma inside any person and if someone has a chronic illness, then it increases it. And about which we do not even know.
8. And if a person uses pen-killer medicines for several consecutive days. So the blood becomes thin. Because of which many times a blood clot gets accumulated. Because of which blood clots often accumulate. And many people also have problems like itchy.
9. And according to a report, we have been told that if we use pen-killer pill and medicines continuously, then human life is reduced to approximately 10 years.
Expert opinion
If expert opinion about pen-killer medicines is taken, then many experts will have different opinions but one thing that will definitely give you a glimpse of the fact that pen-killer medicines can eliminate both our brain and our life.
Regarding the use of pen killer drugs, Doctor KC Sood believes that if there is too much pain in any organ. Then you can take a light dose of OCT medicines. But relying on them can prove to be very dangerous. And for a long time, these medicines can be treated unnecessarily and using these medicines without the help of the doctor can fail our kidneys and it is also important to know that to avoid the side effects of Pen Painter, you have to tell them above. If you use Pen Killer, then what are you making such mistakes at that time? Which may cause you trouble.
Measures to Avoid Side Effects of Pen Killer
1. You should never use empty stomach pain killer medication if you use empty stomach pain killer medicine, then gas or acidity in your stomach increases very much. Which makes our health worse and worse Before taking pen killer medicine, we must eat some of the diets.
2. You should not drink alcohol if you drink alcohol and use pen killer medicines. So you can also get a heart attack from the combination of these two, the combination of these two is very dangerous for us. Because alcohol and Pen-killer medicines increase both acidities, you can understand how much side effects can come to us.
3. You should never allow a water shortage. Whether you drink a little water while taking the medicine, but you should not let water shortage after taking the medication. Because when you take pen killer medicines. Then its direct effect is above your kidney so that if you drink more water in this condition, the toxin of the medicines will soon get out of the water. Which is less likely to cause side effects of the medicine.
4. Never break the Pen Killer, because many times when children can not take the whole tablet, then they are released and left. In this case, the entire effect of the bullet opens up completely in the body and in this situation, like this medicine and everyday Works.
5. Do not break the Pen Killer any time because many times when the children can not take the whole shot, they are released and left, in this case, the entire effect of the bullet opens up completely in the body and in this situation it is like medicine and everyday Works.
6. We should not use pen-killer bullets for a long time because many people use tablets only as fatigue and addiction. So that they become accustomed even after some time. And by using them for a long time the problem of kidney liver starts.
7. You should never take more than one painkiller at one go because no matter how much the pain is, but the effect of any shot is visible only after 15 to 30 minutes. So in this situation, if you use the pen killer. So it can cause problems like blood pressure kidney failure heart attack. And the light dose of pen killer medicines can be the relief for you.
Reasons for taking Pan Killer
1. The reason for taking the pan is that we all know that the biggest reason is this. That it gives us relief immediately from pain.
2. Due to these medicines, our body and our brain work only on them. Because if we take it for a while, then our body and our brain do not work without pen killer, so we get used to it repeatedly and the addition of pen killer is like alcohol addiction.
3. And some people start using Pen Killer even after seeing others because some people work, they feel tired, they use pen killer but many people are looking at them. Only pen killers start taking
4. And the fourth reason for taking a pen killer is that people do not have any information about the side effects of pen killer. Not to be aware of the side effects. Because people do not know that the pen sheer used to use pain There are also side effects that can be done.
Information about pen killer
1.If you go to the doctor, then you should get complete information about the pen killer and ask about the method of taking it and so on etc.
2. As long as possible you endure pain because if you use pen killer in a little pain, then if you do not get pen-killer in the next cycle and you have pain, then you will not be able to bear the pain of your own. So you should try to endure pain as far as possible.
3. People who have heart-related blood pressure diseases like blood pressure. They should never take the pen killer without the advice of a doctor because it can be detrimental to them.
Always take pin killer with water and if there is any problem of any kind. So you should meet the doctor immediately. And the empty stomach should never use the pen killer.
Simple ways to avoid pain
1. To be happy, we should have a habit of being happy and always be happy.
2. We should drink fruit juice once in 1 week.
3. You should walk morning walk every morning or you should do yoga exercises etc. It removes all the diseases related to your joints. And you do not even have mental tension and you should always eat food less than your appetite.
So if you take care of all these things then you definitely will not need to take a pen killer and you will be pain-free.
Today, in this post you have the Pen Painter Oil Pen Killer Damage Pen Killer Injection Pen Killer What is the key information pen penper killer spray pen killer gel is important information. It was very important for all of us to know if If you like this information, please do not forget to share it and if you have any questions or suggestions about it, by commenting in the comment box below Ask out of the.

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