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Monday, 1 October 2018

What is Health? Different types of health

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What is Health? Different types of health
Health isn't simply the name of the absence of sicknesses. It is important for us to be aware of all-around health. Health means different for different people. But if we talk about a universal approach, then it means to be healthy, that we are able to successfully manage all the social, physical and emotional challenges that come into our lives. However, many modern techniques have been introduced to keep yourself healthy in today's time, but these are not so much more effective.

Definition of holistic health

According to the World Health Organization, health is not only the absence of disease or infirmity but also of a complete physical, mental and social well-being. Healthy people are able to adapt everyday activities and adapt themselves to any environment. The absence of disease is a desirable situation but it does not fully define health. This is not a criterion for health and it can not be considered enough to make health alone. But the real meaning of being healthy is to adopt the healthy methods of living life while focusing on oneself.
If we desire an integral personality, then we should always be happy and always keep in mind that the dimensions of health are like different pieces. So if we want to give meaning to our life, then we have to fit these different dimensions of health together. In fact, the idea of good health is the name of overall health, including physical health, mental health, intellectual health, spiritual health, and social health.

Physical health

Physical health refers to the state of the body during which its structure, development, functioning and maintenance area unit concerned. It is a traditional scenario keeping in mind all aspects of an individual. It is also a level of functional and/or metabolic potential of an organism. Here are some ways in which to make sure smart physical health-
(1) habits of balanced diet, sweet breath, and deep sleep
(2) A regular activity of the large intestine and balanced body activities
(3) pulse vibration, blood pressure, body weight, and exercise tolerance etc. All should be according to normal standards for the size, age, and gender of the person.
(4) All the organs of the body area unit of traditional size and functioning properly.

Mental health

   Mental health means that our emotional and religious flexibility, that allows America to survive in our life in conditions of pain, despair, and disappointment. Mental health is the ability to express our emotions and adapt to all the demands of life. Here are some ways to keep it good:    
(1) Gladness in happiness, peace, and behavior
(2) Self-satisfaction (not self-denial or self-pity).
(3) There should not be any emotional struggle within itself (always do not have a sense of war.)
(4) The balanced state of mind.

Intellectual health

It has psychological feature ability to develop skills and information to reinforce the lifetime of anyone Our intellectual ability helps us to improve creativity and improve our ability to make decisions.
(1) The person making adjustments can accept the criticism and not be easily distressed.
(2) To understand the emotional needs of others, to be courteous in all kinds of behaviors and to take care of the needs of others, openness for new ideas, high emotional intelligence
(3) Do not be in control of self-control, fear, anger, temptation, jealousy, guilt or anxiety. Do not be in control of greed and be expert in facing problems and finding their intellectual solution.

Spiritual health

Our healthiness is incomplete while not being spiritually healthy. Searching for the meaning and purpose of life makes us spiritually. Spiritual health reflects our personal beliefs and values. There is no definite method of achieving good spiritual health. This is a way of looking deeper into our understanding of our existence.
(1) The continuous realization of the realization of the right knowledge and the knowledge of oneself as a soul Stay in constant contact with the Supreme Doctor. The soul that is knowing and experiencing itself will always be calm and holy.
(2) Do not be tempted by anything in this physical world including your body. Without the influence of other spirits, having a brotherhood without them. In this way, one person's actions will be advanced and will be high and special.
(3) Continuous intellectual communication with a supreme doctor or supreme soul so that positive energy can be transmitted to pure karma. The soul will find themselves and others unobtrusive, unshorn and ungrateful. He can not suffer any worldly obstacle.

Social health

Since we are social organisms, therefore, creating and maintaining a satisfactory relationship comes naturally to us. Being socially accepted by everyone is well-connected to our emotional well-being.
(1) Make friends who are satisfactory and long-term.
(2) Maintain warm and intimate relationships related to family and society
(3) Working for the welfare of society according to its individual capacity.

Most people do not understand the importance of good health and if they understand, 
they are still ignoring it. Whenever we talk about health, our focus is limited to physical health. We do not think about the other dimensions. Good health is all we need. It is not limited to any particular religion, caste, creed or sex. So we have to think seriously about this essential thing. The origin of most diseases is in our mind. A person is said to be healthy when his body is healthy and calm and calm. Some people do not lack physical resources, yet they are excited at the sad or psychological level.

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