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Tuesday, 2 October 2018

Health Fitness &How to mantain"

Health Fitness &How to maintain
Hello, Friends, I'm Susant welcome to my blog This articles I'm going to share about "Health Fitness & How to maintain our Body". So please read the full article.

Physical fitness

There square measure 2 connected ideas underneath physical fitness: a general fitness (a state of health and well-being) and specific fitness (work-oriented definition supported the power to try and do specific aspects of sports or occupations). Normally good condition is achieved by travail, right diet and adequate rest. This is an important part of life.
In the past [when?], Fitness has usually outlined because of the ability to accomplish the day’s activities while not excessive fatigue. However, due to automation, the time of comfort increased, this definition became insufficient due to the change in lifestyle after the industrial revolution. [Please add quote] These days, physical fitness can be done by doing the work and leisure activities efficiently and effectively, healthy It is considered to be the criterion of physical ability to deal with the resistance of low kinetic diseases, and to deal with the emerging things.

A study group sponsored by the United States Government - the President's Council on physical fitness and sports has refused to give a simple definition of physical fitness. Instead, it has developed the following chart:
Accordingly, for the general purpose of physical fitness program, the following essential components should be addressed:  Self-published source?, Heart tolerant power, Flexibility Training, Strength training, Muscular power, Body composition, General skill training.

However, along with these essential components, there is a comprehensive fitness program that is tailored to the individual, which will probably focus on one or more skills, and age or health-related needs such as bone health.  Many sources [Please add citation] also mentions mental and emotional health as an important part of overall fitness. In textbooks, it is often presented as a triangle made of three points representing the physical, emotional and mental fitness. Physical fitness can also prevent or treat long-term health conditions due to poor lifestyle or aging.  Work can also help people to get better sleep. It is important to have a physical activity to stay healthy.

Specific fitness

Typical or work-oriented fitness person has the ability to work in a specific activity in a specific capacity: for example sports or military service. Special training prepares athletes to perform well in their sports.
Examples are:-  400 meters sprint: An athlete in Sprint should be trained to do unauthorized work (without air) during the entire race. Marathon: In this case, the athlete should be trained to work in an aerobic manner (in the presence of air) and their endurance should be maximized. Many fire extinguishers and police officers go for routine fitness tests to ensure that they are physically capable to work according to the needs of the work. Members of the United States Army and military national guards should be able to pass the military physical fitness test (APFT).


Obesity is a condition that occurs when seems highly harmful effect on the line is gathered that he is healthy to the body fat body. It can also reduce the life chances. body mass index (Bi.amkai), human weight and length is the ratio, when 25 kg. / m 2 and between 30 kg / m 2, and obesity-East Event; And when obesity is greater than 30 kg / m2. Obesity is linked to many diseases, such as heart disease, diabetes, sleep carpet breathing problems, several types of cancer and Asthisandhyarthy [4] major cause of obesity, intake of excessive calorie foods, lack of physical activity, a mix of genetics Could. However, solely thanks to the genetic, medical or psychological stateonly a few square measures found.


Exercise is an activity which keeps the body healthy and enhances the overall health of the person. This is done for many different reasons, including strengthening the muscles, strengthening the cardiovascular system, increasing athletic skills, reducing weight or just for enjoyment. Constant and regular physical exercise increases the immune system and it reduces our sleep, so it does not hurt us to rise in the morning, helping to prevent diseases of the disease such as heart disease, blood vessel disease, type 2 diabetes, and obesity.] It improves mental health and helps prevent stress. Childhood obesity is a matter of growing global concern and physical exercise can help reduce the effects of childhood obesity.

Benefits of exercise

Exercise is an important way of keeping the human body healthy. There are many forms of sports exercises like races, penalties, excursions, wrestling, gymnastics, hockey, cricket, tennis etc. Exercise is the name of such action, which acts in the body, every single vein of the body, one cell comes into action. At the time when we do exercise, the organs of our bodies do such things, in which we get pleasure and labor also. It keeps every part of our body healthy. When we do exercise, then we move the limbs, our heart and lungs have to do more work, which results in the cleansing of our breath each and every blad of our blood becomes clean. Makes our body flexible.
Humans who work in the brain must exercise themselves because the people who earn the bread by working from the body also get an opportunity to do the same thing, but exercise for the teachers, doctors, lawyers, computer operators etc. is very important. Necessary. Exercise makes the body beautiful and its power to fight its diseases increases. Yes, too much exercise can cause harm. You should stop exercising when you get tired.

Types of exercise

Typically exercise can be classified into three types depending on its overall effect on the human body:
Exercise (flexibility) such as stretching parts of the body improves the range of movement of the muscles and joints. Aerobic exercise such as cycling, swimming, walking, sailing, running, hiking, or playing tennis etc. Cardiovascular health improves. Anaerobic exercise, such as weightlifting, functional training or short distance sprinting, increases muscular strength for.

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