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Sunday, 16 September 2018

What Is PayPal, How to a create PayPal account in India for beginner full guide


What Is PayPal, How to create a PayPal account in India for beginner full guide

Hello, Friends, I’m Susant Welcome to my blog, in this blog I’m going to show you about PayPal account and how to create a PayPal accountIf you are a blogger, you have to register a PayPal account. To get your payments, you can purchase themes or plugins for your website or buy a PayPal account for the best option. If you have any other third party companies from overseas companies, you will not be able to share your credit card details directly or share a secure option. PayPal is a bank and seller’s middleman who works with direct credit from the credit card details. So PayPal is the best option for you. I have an article in my name but you have a lot of detail in this Article, and if you are able to create an account from India.

What is PayPal?

PayPal is the world’s largest online marketing company. Now 170 million new internet users PayPal has sent money through email and has Received a lot of money from the country.

Why PayPal is popular?

1.     PayPal has a great range of services and is currently using the Logo to get familiarity and the reputation of the PayPal service me.
2.      PayPal’s through online money transfer is very popular and is very sophisticated. You can send us an email address by sending a message to the person.
3.     The PayPal user’s bank and credit card and details are protected from other third parties and are also protected.

How PayPal is work?

The PayPal money transaction only email address is used to send your money to friends and also request to your friend in using PayPal email to get money. PayPal money transfers the bank’s credit card without need any details to your friends PayPal account so it safe. It is possible to buy any of the online goods purchases of foreign money transactions.
Overall we can say PayPal is ‘middle man’ money transactions path. PayPal has its own policies, practices, and business integrity, and it is the trust of internet users. PayPal both sellers and buyers are unable to pay full amount refunds.
The important thing is: You can also send a big amount of money to your bank account only click a button (Even from a smartphone). No paperwork on paperwork.

How to create a Verified PayPal account? (PayPal India)

To get a new PayPal account, you will be able to make 3 more choices
1.     E-mail ID- A working email id.
2.  Bank account – You must have a bank account or debit/credit card for a transaction. This is the same name as the PAN card name for your username.
3.     PAN card- APAN card is registered with the bank account name as well.
(Note:– If you below 18, you can’t create a PayPal account. You must be 18+)
PayPal Account is available free of cost, no charges are charged and your PayPal account is currently email.

Step 1. First, you will go to the PayPal India official website. Select the shopper's account and click on the continue button for the next step.
Step 2. Enter your Name, Email address, and Password. Then click on the continue button.
Step 3. Now you will put your details on the page and fill up. You can clearly see that the key is filled up on the screenshot. Then click on the continue button.
Step 4. Now fill up your credit card or Debit card here to verify your PayPal account and link with your credit card or debit card. If you do not have a credit card or Debit card, you can click on ‘I’II links my card later”. But now we are going to link with your credit card or debit card. Enter the card number, expiry date, and CVV. Click on “Link card”.
Step 5. Now you are which bank is using these banks 3D verification page is opened. In this time PayPal debited 2.00 Rs to your bank account for verification. Now you enter the OTP no and Click on the “Submit”.

Step 6. Now your PayPal account is ready. Click on the “Go to Account”.
Step 7. Now the Account is Dashboard If you want to edit your account, you can connect a card or bank account etc.
Friends I tell you starting in short but in detail explain and I explained how to create a Verified PayPal account. If this post is helpful for you then share with your friends and family, please help your friends.
Thank you so much for you visit my blog I hope you know all the details about PayPal if you have any problem then comment in comment box.

Thank You

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