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Tuesday, 18 September 2018

How to create a blog post in blogger Full guide?

How to create blog post in blogger

How to create a blog post in blogger Full guide?

In this article, I m going to explain about blogger and how to create a blog post in blogger. What are the advantage and disadvantages of blogger, we discuss in the article.
How to create a blog and earn money? If you have this question in your mind then this is the right place for you to know about the blog and how to make money through blogging.
You create articles in blog and website online for free and add in your website or blog Adsense and other advertising to make money without investment. You have to work 2-4 hours a day on your website or blog you can earn up to RS 100-1000 per day depend on no you how much time work in a day. Free me how to learn about blog then must have read this full articles.

What is Blogger Platform?

It is a free website for creating blogger and blogger is the product for Google. For creating a blogger don't need purchasing Domain, Hosting. Blogger Platform is proved to make a free website.
Some person doesn't have money to create a paid website, those people are created the free website in blogger. But in this time so much Youtubers and Bloggers are using Blogger.

What are the advantage and disadvantage for blogger?

Advantage: - We help other people for creating a Blog. When our website is approved then we can add Google Adsense to our blogger for advertising and we earn money for Google Adsense.
Disadvantage:- If you use bad things or bad articles on the website then Google can block our website. Because Blogger platform is Google property so.

Follow all steps for creating a blog in blogger
Step 1.

We need a Gmail ID for creating a blog in Blogger. Go to Blogger official website

Step 2. Filled up your Gmail id and password then click on the Sign in button. Then click on the Create your Blog button.
Step 3. Click on the Blogger profile(Note:- If you have Google plus account then click Google+ profile – account).
How to create blog
  •   Click on  Create limited Blogger Profile
  • Add the name on Display Name (which types of blog you displayed in your website enter the name).
  • Then click Continue to Blogger.
Now new page is opened then double click on GOT IT.
In this page have a Create new Blog Button. Click on this button.

Step 4. Next “Create a new blog”  page is opened. This has Title, Address (website domain Name) &Theme. Enter your blog title (Which are you want to Display the Title name enter the name), then enter the address (Blog URL link). Your name after (Free domain) has set automatically because this domain is a free domain.
How to create blog

Example: I added mylearntech name then my address is
Note: if display error then the name already exists this name. You enter a different name.
Template: You most need a Template for New create Blog. Chose a Template which is you like. Then Click on the Create Blog.
Congratulations..!! Your blog is read. Now Displayed the page is known as Dashboard.
How to create blog

Click on the “View “for view your blog.
Now your Blog is successfully created. NOW write articles and post in your blog website.
How to create blog

Next article I m going explain How to write an article, How to customize Blog template and How to approve Google Adsense.
Thank you, friends, for visiting my blog. I hope you understand about Blogger and Blogspot, How to create the blog post. If you have any problem then comment in below comment box.

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