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Tuesday, 25 September 2018

How to Become a Successful Blogger? Then Keep 7 things in Mind

How to Become a Successful Blogger?

How to Become a Successful Blogger? Then Keep 7 things in Mind

Hello Friends, I'm Susant welcome to my blog In this article, I'm going to share about "How to become a Successful Blogger?" And you must"To start a blog then keep 7 things in your mind".

How to Become a Successful Blogger?

"Money" Everyone needs. Money is the main driving force that inspires people to jobs or business and forces them in many cases. Well, there are many ways to earn money, but there are a few ways that give you the opportunity to pursue your interest along with money. And the way they are - BLOGGING.

A successful career in blogging gives you the benefits: 
  • Good income, that too without boss pressure 
  • Independence to work from anywhere else, you just need a laptop and internet connection, and some people also work from mobile or tabs. Many successful bloggers work from small towns in the country. 
  • A good feeling, which comes from helping you people. 
Looking at these advantages, anyone can be excited to make a career in blogging, but there is also a fact that the ratio of success in this field is meager. Thousands of new blogs are created every day and now their total number is in crores, but only a handful of people who are doing this work professionally or can say that they are fulfilling their financial needs with this work. 

So today I'm going to tell you tips to succeed in the blogging world. 
Friends, if talk of India's top bloggers, then the first name is Amit Agrawal, whose estimated monthly income is more than 30 lakhs. However, if we talk about top 10 bloggers, their monthly average income will be 6-7 lakhs... And if we talk about bloggers around the world, then around the average ZERO, because crores of bloggers do not earn anything. These are people who only create a blog, add 2-4 posts and then disappear. In truth, they should not say a blogger. Well, let's talk about them, the real thing is that hard work can be done in this world, every single pro blogger will be a newbie blogger and every newbie blogger will be able to become a pro-blogger Could. 
If you have the courage and passion to earn money then you can earn in millions, but once you know one thing, blogging is not easy, you should start it part-time and keep one thing that if you are not interested in writing then Do not come in the field at all; Because without it nothing will happen here. And the best way to know whether an interest in writing can be born is to start writing after making a free blog on Blogger or WordPress. 
So, let us now see that as a blogger, what is vital besides writing interest to succeed: 
How to Become A Successful Blogger In detail 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): 

SEO means that you create your blog posts so that your posts can get a good rank in search engines like Google and Bing so they can come top in search results. You can learn a lot about SEO by reading on the Internet, this is not a rocket science and it can be learned with a little effort. Well if you do not have the time, you can also hire SEO experts. 

Language Decision: 

The decision in which language you write is critical. While writing in Hindi, you will face less competition, second, there will be less money than English. 
According to an estimate 10,000 Indians visits = 500 USA visits.
If you write in English, then you will see thousands of sites already present on your subject and you will have to face fierce competition. English sites have 3 to 5 times as compared to Hindi sites. That means if you have ten AIDS clicks on your Hindi site, then you earn 30 rupees and on the same site, you can earn up to 150 rupees on the English site. However, it also depends on your niche (explained next). 
So, you should choose your language by thinking. 


In blogging, the topic is called niche like if your game is a blog then your niche game will be, in other words, we can also speak the subject as a subject. If you want to succeed in blogging, never create a multi-niche blog, it means to say multi-niche which has a lot of topics such as tech tips, sports, blogging, motivation, if you create multi-niche blog More will have to do, and the probability of failure will also be higher. Yes, if you have a big team then you can think of doing it this way. 

Writing Skills: 

To become a successful blogger, your writing skills should be excellent. Try that- 
  • People who benefit from reading whatever you write. 
  • Spelling mistakes are the least 
  • Do not write too large paragraphs together. 
  • Use bullet points. 
  • Use colloquial words. 
  • Use photos anywhere. 
When many bloggers start writing, their writing skills are not something special, but they improve it. So, if your skills are not correct right now then there is no need to be frustrated, but gradually it needs to be improved. 


We need to be patient to build an online career, you will have time to learn and learn everything. If you want to start today and start earning money from tomorrow, then it does not happen... Blogging takes a lot of time; many people start earning after 1-2 years, but it usually takes 5-6 months. It would be better if you start it part-time and when you start getting traffic, think of full time. 

Good content with speed: 

You give your readers the best content. Since thousands of blogs are already present, so if you do not make your content right then people will not be able to read you. By giving good quality content, you will find loyal readers. 
With "with speed" I mean if you write about current events, then try to write before those other people on those topics. By doing this you can come to Google's first page to search and attract many first-time visitors. 

Regular Updates:

When you start blogging, try updating your blog regularly as it improves our ranking and Google indexes our site quickly. Discipline is essential for doing any work, and in blogging, you also must continuously update your blog in a disciplined way. 

Friends, every second is about 2 blogs, it's not easy to be a career in blogging, you must work hard, so be prepared for the hard work and apply the tips given here to become a successful blogger. 
I hope you understand How to Become a Successful Blogger?  Share in social media and with your friends and family 

Thank You

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  1. You're right Kumar it's not easy to become successful blogger because its a long journey before you get to the top. The best thing that they can do is read and read more post from blogging coaches until they can get idea idea of blogging. By the way good job for sharing a detailed post!