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Wednesday, 26 September 2018

Focus is essential for success!

Focus is essential for success!

Why Focus is essential for success

Hello Friends, I'm Susant welcome to my blog in This article I'm going to share " Focus is essential for success”.
Why does it happen that sometimes, despite everything happening, we cannot do what we have thought to do ...? that will be decided ... we have to promise that we have to do this work Whatever happens! By "having everything" I mean, you have enough talent, money, time, or anything that is needed to do that work; Having had
In 2009-10, I started with Bodhi tree Consulting Group (BCG) in association with my friends, under this we also did some Personality Development or Quizzing related programs, which were very well liked ... but within 6-7 months The BCG had to shut down.
Today, when I think about it, why the BCG was unsuccessful ... then I do not see any reason to point out that there was a shortage of talent, time or money in our team... We had a lot of enthusiasm. But still, we failed in this venture.

So, what was the reason? The reason was FOCUS.

 Since the initiative to start the BCG was mine, I should have entirely focused on this... But at that time, I was so involved in the job of my Tata Aim that I could not focus on BCG ... and everything Even then we could not make it successful.
It is an eternal truth that the thing that we focus on in the whole universe is surprisingly expanded. Therefore, to succeed, we must be entirely focused on our chosen goal; And then we will see it becoming reality.

What does it mean to focus?

Take an idea. Make that idea your life - think about it, look at her dreams, live that idea Let your brains, muscles, nerves, all parts of the body drown in that idea, and keep all other ideas aside. This is the way to be successful, this is the way in which great people are created.
Friends, the above statement is from Swami Vivekananda and I think that the word Focus can hardly be understood by this very well. In this statement, where Swamiji has said that one must adopt an Idea, on the other hand, it has been said to keep other ideas aside. And that's genuinely Focused.

What does Focus do?

You must have used the lens in your childhood... It looks like a simple piece of glass in the lens ... but when we focus on any part of the paper, then the papers begin to burn in a while.
Focus makes things possible... Whenever you are focused on your goal then obstacles in the path are destroyed by getting burnt, your way is cleared, and you achieve your goal. Focus does not just tell you what to do, it also tells what is not to do. Focus does not bind you to your goal but also prevents you from engaging in things worthless. I always thought that I had to do some significant achievement. For me, the meaning of significant means is never earning more money, but I also want to be financially abundant ... but the work which is big for me is to improve the lives of more and more people. And to some extent, I found such a way through my NGO Kartavya ... but it was not satisfactory for me. That is why when I started the Mylearntech, I had decided that now I will keep my full focus on this one thing and will keep it till I have succeeded in it, during this time I meditate on anything else I will not give up ... even on my NGO's, nor will I try to be exceptional in my job, now my only goal will be to make  its first significant Success Story. And today I have been successful for some extent by World Most Read Hindi Blog *, but I still cannot call it a significant success, it will take some more time. 🙂

Is It Focused to Be Focused?

No, in the last one and a half years, I have not said many things to keep my focus on AKC; including better job opportunities, foreign travel breaks, other promising income-generating ideas, etc. Friends, if you must do some world class then you will have to completely drown in that work and you will have to stay busy till you see your efforts turning into physical reality. There will be many distractions in the middle; But at that time, you do not have to lose your focus ... .and this will be possible only when you do your work or idea Fully believe in his difficult time when self-doubt comes in mind then your belief system can save you from being distracted. Therefore, before you start work, think about it well, in fact, you can ask your friends to challenge you about that idea or plan. And if any argument -discusser puts you in your doubt about your idea then you can reconsider it. It is essential to believe in the success of your work before you start something before it will help to keep your FOCUS on it. 

So, what does it mean to focus on that we will not do any more work?

No, you can maintain your focus on anything else while still working. For example, Mahindra Singh Dhoni used to serve TTE in Railways, but his focus was cricket. How many singers and dancers you see on a daily TV, they go to study like people or do jobs, but they focus on singing or dancing. In the same way, I shared the story of World's Youngest CEO, Suhas Gopinath while studying, he was also focused on establishing his company; And at the same concentration, he started a multimillion-dollar company at a young age.
See, till you do not work financially, you must do something or something ... But the thing to pay attention to is that you must do more things ... but you have decided on your own goal. To achieve it you must drown in it, and this will be your biggest difference between success and failure.

So, remember that a normal focused person can achieve more than a talented unfocussed person in his life. And if you spend this precious life in small things, then there will be no value for our lives ... ... in our own eyes too .... make a big goal, and focus on it and achieve it ... That's the real fun of living too.

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